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Stillwater Public Schools Policy

The Constitution of the United States leaves to the several states the responsibility of providing public education for all children and the Constitution of the State of Oklahoma provides that "The Legislature shall establish and maintain a system of free public schools." It is therefore the function and responsibility of the local school district, in strict conformity with state laws, to establish its own rules and policies for the maintenance of schools within the district.

Written policies are a necessity if a board of education is to follow a clearly defined course of action, consistent through the years. These policies were written to empower and limit administrators, faculty, and staff in the Stillwater School District in the general cause of managing an Oklahoma public school district and to assist all interested persons in reaching a better understanding of the operation of the district.

The Stillwater Board of Education believes that the formulation of school policy is its primary function and responsibility. School policies are statements that set forth the goals of the community and the board of education. School policies serve as guidelines for the successful and efficient functioning of the school system. They create a framework within which the administrative staff can successfully discharge its responsibilities in organizing and carrying out a sound educational program.

The board recognizes that no policy book can cover every subject. The Constitution and appropriate laws of the United States, the Constitution and laws of Oklahoma and regulations of the State Board of Education govern the Stillwater Board of Education. These policies are an extension of those laws and regulations.

Policies may be cooperatively formulated by the board of education working with students, teachers, and parents, but the final authority rests solely with the board. The implementation of school policy is the responsibility of the superintendent and the administrative staff.

The policies of the Stillwater Board of Education may be reviewed annually. Changes, additions, or deletions may be made subsequent to this annual review. However, requests for the board to consider changes in policies may be made at any time. Suggestions should be submitted in writing to the superintendent or the president of the board.

The board believes that the most important ingredient of a legitimate suggestion for policy change is a well-documented need or problem and a solution that is feasible for the district.

A board policy statement may be added or an existing policy statement may be changed or deleted at any board meeting by the approval of a majority of the membership, provided such action is properly announced by the agenda of that meeting.

Policy changes may appear on any regular board meeting agenda. Final adoption of any policy change must be postponed for at least 30 days after original consideration, unless the board votes to declare such need for the policy change.

Regulations, guidelines, and handbooks are to be presented to the board for approval prior to distribution. Such approval may be given at the board meeting in which they are presented. However, the board, at its discretion, may postpone approval.

The board of education is aware that board action, in and of itself, may be interpreted as establishment of policy.